K9 Queen Dog Walking

K9 Queen provides friendly, professional and reliable dog walking services to Brighton and Hove. We are committed to the health, happiness and well-being of your pets. We specialise in small pack country walks, ensuring we give your dog the care, attention and exercise they deserve.
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Why Choose K9 Queen?

Meet and greet

Before walking your dog we will come round for a meet and greet, ensuring we find out as much as possible about them before you leave them in our capable hands. Though we do not offer training, we believe in positive reinforcement and we will endeavor to reinforce any training already in place. 

Small Pack Walks
We are insured for up to six dogs off lead, however we choose to walk a maximum of five at one time. There are several reasons for this:
1 - greater control of the dogs
2 - each dog receives individual attention and affection, which means we get to know our dogs very well in a short space of time 
3 - safety of other dogs we come across on our walks. Dogs are pack animals, large packs of dogs can be overwhelming for new dogs met on route. 
4 - our enjoyment!  Small packs of sociable, friendly and well behaved (most of the time) dogs means we can really enjoy our job and remain calm, relaxed and happy. Small groups allow us to take photos of the dogs having a lovely time, sharing them when we’re back from the walks on Instagram and Facebook for owners to see. 

Country Walks
We only ever walk in safe environments, away from traffic and crowds. For more information on where we take our dogs please go to the dog walking page.

Fully Insured
We are fully insured by Pet Business Insurance

Safe Transport
Our van is fitted with custom built cages, by Steve Tubb Fabrications, ensuring each dog has its own individual cage to travel in.

Qualified in a Foundation Degree in Animal Science. 
Completed a 2 year course at Plumpton College, covering a range of subjects and a Canine behaviour module. 

Qualified in Canine First Aid 
Awarded a certifcate in Canine First Aid following a one day course at 'First Aid for dogs' 

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